“London Bridge collapsed”: what will happen to the UK in the event of the death of Elizabeth II?

(ORDO NEWS) — We tell what awaits the UK in the event that the rumors are true and Queen Elizabeth II has indeed died.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the monarch for 68 years. A few days ago, the public was alarmed by the news that the famous monarch was diagnosed with coronavirus. And today, the American publication Hollywood Unlocked published a statement that Elizabeth II is dead, citing “verified sources” in the palace.

The head of the House of Lords, Dayo Okevale, in turn, denies the death of the monarch and calls the leaked rumor a fake, because Buckingham Palace has not made any official statements.

Other British journalists are also at a loss: after all, in the event of the death of the Queen, there is a complex, well-thought-out plan, which is called ” London Bridge collapsed “.

This plan includes a complete procedure for notification of the mourning event and coordinates the actions of all media, government, church, administration and so on.

What happens if the British monarch dies

London Bridge collapsed what will happen to the UK in the event of the death of Elizabeth II 2

According to the protocol, the first official to know about the death of Elizabeth II should be her personal secretary, after which he will notify the prime minister with the phrase “London Bridge is Down” (London Bridge collapsed). Then this phrase will also be sent within the administration in the prescribed manner.

Everything is known in advance: how the website of Buckingham Palace will work, how television channels will work, all expressions in letters and ways of conveying the mourning message are known. And following this plan, the first channel to get the news will be the BBC.

However, despite all the arguments, the chief editor of HU still insists on his own : the queen is dead, the palace is simply silent, and the truth is hidden from the people.

It is worth noting that, according to statements by officials of the royal administration, since February 20, Queen Elizabeth II has been ill with coronavirus , however, she suffered a mild illness, feeling only symptoms of a mild SARS. It was because of her illness that she canceled all the planned activities, since she did not have time to recover.


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