Locusts attack cities in India: insects eat literally everything

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A huge number of locusts attacked India. Due to the fact that there are no crops in the fields, insects began to actively attack the cities. In social networks, you can find a huge number of frightening photos that show the number of locusts.

Five states in India suffer from locusts. Scientists announced that at the same time several huge swarms flew from Pakistan to India at the end of last month. Today, a square kilometer can count almost 40 million individuals that fly 400 kilometers per day. A small swarm can eat as much food in one day as 35 thousand people. At the moment, insects have affected more than 50 hectares of land and are not going to stop there.

The situation becomes even more complicated due to the fact that the locust does not find food in the fields and therefore flies to the cities. Today, settlements in areas such as Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have been threatened.

K. Gurjar said that people are lucky that there is no crop in the fields now, but at the same time, insects destroy absolutely all green vegetation, flowers, seeds and fruits. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is very difficult to fight insects.

Exactly the same situation was recorded in Pakistan, where in February the authorities declared an emergency. This locust attack was the largest in two decades. Muhammad Tariq Khan added that the critical situation this year is not only in India and Pakistan, but also in other countries that border Africa. The same problem is also observed on the Arabian Peninsula.

The situation is becoming more complicated due to the fact that there is no communication between India and Pakistan. As a result, insects flew across the border without any obstacles.


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