Lockheed Martin unveils new ‘Doomsday Plane’ concept

(ORDO NEWS) — At the Sea-Air-Space Exposition, Lockheed Martin showed the concept of the next “doomsday aircraft” EC-130J.

So-called doomsday (or doomsday) aircraft are vehicles designed to serve as a mobile command headquarters for the top military leadership of the United States in the event of a nuclear war.

Today, the US Navy uses the Boeing E-6B Mercury for this purpose. Now there are 16 such aircraft, which can coordinate the actions of army and navy headquarters and control ballistic missile submarines.

Boeing E-6B aircraft have been in service since 1989, and the US Navy is developing plans for their possible replacement.

What will the new Lockheed Martin aircraft look like? What was said at the presentation? In fact, not much has been said.

The nearly 30-metre-long aircraft will be powered by four Rolls Royce AE turboprop engines to cruise at 643 kilometers per hour and climb at 640 meters per minute to reach operating altitude in less than 15 minutes.

Used mainly for the transport of goods, the aircraft will have a carrying capacity of 59 tons. and its crew will consist of more than six people, including five operators of the electronic communication system.

Testing of the Lockheed Martin C130J Hercules will begin in 2026.


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