Lives for thousands of years: revealed the secret of longevity of a desert plant

(ORDO NEWS) — The plant, which is located in the African desert, can live peacefully for more than one millennium in rather terrible conditions and practically without getting water.

This plant is called Velvichia. Certain events take place in his genome that allow him to cope with the most difficult and unsuitable conditions for life. It is reported by

The longest-lived plant grows in African countries such as Namibia and Angola. In this area, no more than 5 cm of precipitation falls annually. Translated from the African language, Velvichia means “two leaves that cannot die.”

This plant has only two leaves that can grow for many centuries. Some of the plants that scientists have encountered are more than three thousand years old.

For the first time Velvichia was discovered back in 1859 and since that time biologists have never ceased to be amazed.

In the scientific journal Nature Communications, experts have published the results of a study of this unique plant. Her genes, which are responsible for growth and metabolism, have certain characteristics.

It is they who are responsible for ensuring that Velvichia does without water for a long time and can grow calmly in any conditions. Jim Liebens-Mack noted that the plant’s genome is unique and more experts have not come across anything like it.


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