Live meteorologist learned that his house was demolished by a tornado: the host’s reaction surprised everyone

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(ORDO NEWS) — The news anchor learned that his house was blown away by a tornado, but did not react. The man just continued to broadcast. What else to do when he is a renowned meteorologist and must continue his work no matter what? He proved himself to be a real pro.

His reaction surprised even his colleagues, because she simply was not there. For several days, the local residents of Alabama cannot forget the consequences of the tornado. On the air, James also learned about the tragedy. The first thing Spann did was stop the live broadcast for a couple of minutes and called his wife back. Having learned that she was in order and nothing threatened her life, the men continued to carry out their direct professional duties.

The man told the audience that when purchasing the house, he insisted on building a shelter that would save them from natural disasters. Spann definitely made the right decision, because that was what saved his wife. The family’s house was demolished by a tornado and only a few trees remained on the site. James himself later commented on the incident: “I was very scared. After all, I often talk about cataclysms that occur here and now, but I did not expect that this will happen to my family,” he tweeted.


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