Literally a night in Canada, a large lake disappeared

(ORDO NEWS) — Literally one night in Nova Scotia, Lake Slade Lake, which was located near the city of Oxford, disappeared. The length of this lake reached almost one and a half kilometers, the width was more than 200. Some called the lake a huge puddle. This lake was located with some other bodies of water on a very narrow isthmus, through which Nova Scotia was connected to the mainland.

If you believe the official explanations of the experts, the reason for the disappearance of water are karst caves. In them, for a certain time, gypsum was blurred and this became the reason for the absorption of water into the soil. It seemed that a cork was taken from the bottom of the lake and all the water immediately disappeared.

“The most logical explanation for what happened is that gypsum dissolved under the lake and therefore the water disappeared only from some of the dips present at the bottom of the reservoir. But at the moment it is impossible to say for sure, since the bottom has not yet been fully explored, ”said regional geologist Emmy Tizzard.

Karst caves, which are located on a small land bridge, can be said to be a new phenomenon in geology. This is how to say that the cave was formed on a narrow sand spit. There is a huge amount of water there, so everything that could be washed out washed out a few millennia ago. Otherwise, people would have to build houses in those regions where the earth would fall right under their feet.

At the same time, it is also strange that if a dry area fails, a lake will appear. If the failure occurred at the bottom of the lake, then this becomes the cause of the outflow of water. The explanations of specialists at the moment seem completely devoid of logic, so we should expect further research and monitor the development of events in this region.


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