Link found between time travel and dreams

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have found that there is a definite connection between dreams and time travel. Quantum physics explains both of these phenomena. The fact is, the researchers believe that the brain is able to predict the plot of a dream in the framework of reverse causality.

The nature of human consciousness for science is a real mystery, for example, the “mechanism” that allows the brain to control dreams is still unclear. However, recent research has shown something interesting – there is a definite connection between time travel and dream control. Both of these phenomena are united by quantum physics that scientists understand. Before a person starts dreaming, his pulse quickens, and when dreams begin, his heart rate returns to normal.

This observation suggests that the brain knows about the future dream plot. During this phenomenon, quantum entanglement arises – the effect precedes the cause. Based on this, scientists conclude that the study of the mechanism of sleep will allow inventing a kind of “time machine”.

Some researchers believe that the results of the experiment may say something completely different. At the moment of falling asleep, the brain “thinks” that the body is dying and naturally signals the heart to increase the flow of oxygen into the blood. When the main organ of a person receives more oxygen (like a diver before diving), then “calming down” transfers the entire body into a mode of reduced energy consumption.

Earlier, a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA), led by neurologist Adam Horowitz, created a device that controls the first stage of sleep . That is, when a person’s consciousness is still in a borderline state – between reality and deep sleep.


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