Life may be hiding inside the stars

(ORDO NEWS) — According to research by two physicists at the City University of New York, a special life can flourish inside the stars. In theory, particles strung on cosmic necklaces are capable of creating something like DNA and RNA – the basis for self-replication.

The data that is stored in the genetic code encode a self-replication mechanism. Before the foundation of life appeared, massive random chains of RNA had to form. This process could well take place in relation to cosmic necklaces in a star, noted Evgeny Chudnovsky and Luisa Anchordoki.

According to scientists, strings and magnetic monopoles were formed at the birth of the Universe, when it cooled down after the Big Bang. Soon, outer space was filled with a “soup” of particles of quark-gluon plasma, which condensed into matter. Experts are only planning to organize research to detect strings (one-dimensional linear objects) and magnetic monopoles (particles with one magnetic pole). Back in 1988, Chudnovsky predicted that the necklaces are contained in the stars. Turbulence in objects stretched the strings so much that they formed a network.

The lifetime of each string is only a spark that arises in complete darkness. One lawsuit manages to generate many sparks before it dies out. This ensures the lifespan of the species. Scientists have a number of difficulties in understanding mutations and natural selection as the number of generations increases. If the period of existence of nuclear species is as short, then they can evolve in the direction of great complexity.

Life forms need energy from a star to exist, so the object cools faster. Scientists have noticed several stars with accelerated cooling. Perhaps it is in them that nuclear life is hidden.


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