Life after death: a man claims to have visited the afterlife

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(ORDO NEWS) — A man who had a near-death experience now knows whether there is life after death and talked about how he perceived the afterlife.

The existence of life after death remains to this day the biggest secret. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of the existence of an afterlife, many people continue to prove that it does exist.

A man named John wrote to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation that he underwent a complex operation during which he developed an allergic reaction to the medication he was using. John died for a while, and before he was brought back to life, he had time to visit the other side.

The man said that he was in complete darkness and felt only love and positive emotions. He added that he had never experienced such calmness in his life.

Despite the fact that John is sure that he saw the afterlife, many experts argue that this is just a burst of brain activity that is observed immediately before death. Scientists conducted a study during which they caused cardiac arrest in rats and at the same time monitored the state of brain activity.

In the last few seconds before death, it increased markedly. Jimo Borjigin added that it is precisely this state that occurs in a person immediately before death.


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