Lethal dose of nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, water and salt

(ORDO NEWS) — Everything is good in moderation. Any medicine can become poison. However, the same snake venom, in turn, sometimes becomes a medicine. The main thing here is the dose.

Vitamins and nicotine

Let’s start with the simplest and supposedly harmless – vitamins. We’ve all seen boxes and bottles filled with colored peas. They are inexpensive in pharmacies, a doctor’s prescription is not needed, they are recommended for vitamin deficiency.

But here you have to be very careful not to get hypervitaminosis. After all, vitamins are not as safe as it might seem. For example, if you have an excess of vitamin A, you are at risk of nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness, a rash all over your body, and even baldness. An excess of vitamin B1 is fraught with disruption of the liver and kidneys, vitamin D – loss of appetite, weakness, fever and pressure, indigestion and gastrointestinal tract disorders, muscle pain. So take vitamins only as directed by your doctor or manufacturer.

Nicotine is found in many foods. Your body, even if you do not smoke, still produces nicotine, albeit in minimal doses. But if the dose is increased, then nicotine turns into a powerful poison that can kill even those animals that, in a different scenario, will easily survive a thermonuclear war. The most tenacious creature on this planet – a rat – is enough 5 milligrams of nicotine per 100 grams of weight to “throw back its legs.” For humans, 0.5-1 milligrams per kilogram of weight is enough, which is two to three times less than the lethal amount of the well-known and “trouble-free” potassium cyanide.

Why don’t smokers go to their forefathers after the first puff? The fact is that when smoking, most of the poison burns out and becomes less toxic. However, in this case, nicotine gradually kills the body. And if you want to kill yourself with cigarettes very quickly, smoke a hundred in a row. It is unlikely that you will be pumped out in intensive care.

A cigarette is sometimes smoked with a sip of coffee, right? It turns out that another poison is added to one – caffeine. By the way, it is found not only in coffee, but also in tea, cola and many other “energy” drinks. Yes, it invigorates and invigorates for a while, but remember where free cheese is? That’s right, in a mousetrap! Vigor very quickly gives way to fatigue and depression, followed by another portion of “energy”, and as a result – a vicious circle.

True, in order to die, say, from coffee and only from it, you need to drink 4-5 liters at a time. At the same time, coffee should be real, of high quality, and at the same time, no trips to the toilet!

Drink in moderation

And where is this measure, does anyone know? Let’s tell you. So, the lethal dose of alcohol, depending on the strength of the organism using this very alcohol, is from 4 to 12 grams of pure alcohol per kilogram of weight. It’s as if someone, on a bet with the same fools as himself, decides to drink about three bottles of vodka in one sitting. And not just drink, but also keep everything taken on the chest inside your body. Now, if this “someone” after such a “feat” is able to resist vomiting and other impulses, then this is the end of it. If you define a lethal dose (that is, breathe into a tube), then this is somewhere around 5-6 ppm – driving in this form is impossible in any, even the most liberal country, and it is unlikely to work. In any case, it’s best not to try.
There are, of course, exceptions. Somehow, doctors picked up a man on the street, in whose blood 9.14 ppm of alcohol was found. That is, he should have long ago reposed in peace. But no, the comrade was breathing and even soon sobered up and did not complain about his health. It is strange, of course, but it was not in our country, but somewhere in Bulgaria.

White death

Salt – oh, poison is so poison! And after all, there is no way without it – from 1.5 to 4 grams per day as you want, but take it. And then the bones will crumble like old plaster of Paris, and the muscles will become unusable, the heart will begin to fail, depression will roll … In short, if you completely eliminate salt from your diet, then you will last ten days, no more.

And if, on the contrary, there is more salt? Try it, just not more than a quarter of a kilo at a time, because death will be very difficult: the kidneys will fail, edema will go all over the body. In general, you will torment yourself and your loved ones.

If you just abuse salty, it will lead to coronary heart disease and diabetes. And an excess of salt in the body causes hardening of the walls of blood vessels.

The sun is our friend, and it is also a mortal enemy. For a long time it was believed that the more time you are in the sun, the more beneficial it is for the body. And then suddenly it turned out – no! This is not so useful, rather even harmful. An excess of sunlight leads to accelerated aging of the skin and the whole body, a decrease in sexual function and the development of cancer. It’s funny, but the lack of sunlight threatens us with the same problems.

The basis of life

Okay, but what didn’t the water please? After all, without water we, as the old song says, “neither here nor there.” But it turns out that you can not only drown in water. It can be … poisoned. And not some kind of drain from a chemical plant, but the purest, drinking water. It is enough to drink about seven liters of this moisture per day, and the basis of life will become the cause of death.

By the way, not everyone knows about these terrible properties of water. About six years ago, a California radio station announced, perhaps, the stupidest competition: you had to drink water and not go to the toilet. Whoever drinks more than the rest of the participants in the competition and lasts the longest will receive a game console.

One of the participants managed to drink 7.5 liters of water, but did not reach the final, as well as the toilet, – she died. The doctors succeeded in pumping out the next winner, and the radio station was condemned, and rightfully so – it is necessary to think before holding such contests.

And in 2002, also in one of the American towns, a mother came up with a punishment for her four-year-old daughter: drink four liters of water. The girl died, and her mother is in prison and it is not known what she is thinking about now.

Watch out: vampires!

Well, in conclusion, a very short but terrible story about our “friends” – blood-sucking mosquitoes.

A mosquito sat on your hand and cheekily began to drink blood. You were indignant and slapped the villain (more precisely, the villain, since only females suck blood). And if you showed tolerance or, as they say now, tolerance and let the mosquito drink your blood? How much would she drink? About five milligrams. And in order to “suck” us to death, only half a million mosquitoes are needed – this number lives in a small swamp. True, we will die much earlier than we run out of blood – from the body’s reaction to mosquito saliva, the very one that causes itching and swelling at the site of the bite.


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