Legendary mythical monsters that turned out to be real – Komodo dragon

(ORDO NEWS) — Prior to 1910, any scientist who claimed to believe in the existence of a giant dragon-like lizard would have been kicked out with laughter.

It was widely believed at the time that giant lizards were a thing of the past and nothing on the scale of a Komodo dragon could exist.

When the pearl divers returned from the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, talking about giant “land crocodiles”, no one took them seriously.

Then, in 1910, an expedition from the Buitenzorg Zoological Museum visited Komodo Island and produced the first scientific report on these creatures.

Lieutenant Jacques Carel Henri visited the island and brought home a Komodo dragon skin and a photograph.

The Komodo dragon remained largely a mystery until 1926, when a second expedition set out in search of the dragon.

Its leader, W. Douglas Burden, returned with twelve liquified bodies of Komodo dragons, as well as two live animals.

Only then did the Komodo dragon really leave the realm of the cryptids and enter the world of “official science”.


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