Launch of the Crew Dragon spaceship to the ISS: online broadcast

(ORDO NEWS) — The American company SpaceX is soon going to send the famous Crew Dragon into space, on board of which there will be a team of experienced astronauts. This event will be the first in the history of mankind. The mission was named SpaceX Demo-2.

This mission plays a very important role and there are several reasons for this. For the first time, a private company will send astronauts into orbit. In addition, the American astronauts for ten years no longer sent their own devices to space, and even with a full-fledged team. This will be the last test of the Crew Dragon apparatus, which they are going to use in the future for various kinds of space programs.

The first launch was scheduled for the evening of May 27. Due to bad weather, the device could not be started. The second attempt will take place on May 30 at 22:20. Presumably, the reusable stage of the used rocket should land shortly after launch on the special Of Course I Still Love You platform. It is worth noting that this is considered the main technology of SpaceX. This platform is located in the Atlantic Ocean. There will be two crew members on board – Douglas Hurley, who is the commander of the ship, and Robert Benken, who will perform the tasks of the commander of those operations that are carried out with the ISS.

According to recent reports, Hurley will control the device’s independent flight, and Benken will be responsible for the device to land in orbit some time later. Also, the main tasks of the astronauts include checking the rescue spacesuits, which must necessarily pass in real conditions.

At the moment, it is not known exactly how many astronauts will be in orbit. The duration of the mission can be from 30 and up to 119 days.

It is worth noting that everyone can watch the live broadcast of the launch of the Crew Dragon, which will be held in just a few hours.


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