Last chance to succumb to nostalgia Internet Explorer is finally dead

(ORDO NEWS) — The legendary browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is officially ceasing to exist. He worked for 27 long years.

A year ago, Microsoft announced the final cessation of Internet Explorer. IE mode in Microsoft Edge will be supported until at least 2029.

Last day

– Today, June 14, 2022, is the last day users can use the browser. June 15, he will completely lose the support of the company.

– The browser will be disabled in all current versions of Windows 10 for users. In Windows 11, the IE 11 app is no longer available, and the default browser for Windows 11 is Edge.

– Now the company recommends switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge as soon as possible and not waiting for it to turn off. During the transition, users can transfer their saved passwords, favorites, and more to the new browser.

– It’s worth noting that Microsoft is trying to make it very easy to switch to Edge. In a company press release, Microsoft’s Sean Lindersay mentions that Edge, the successor to IE, has a built-in “IE mode” that allows access to legacy Internet Explorer-based sites and programs in Microsoft Edge.

This feature will be supported until at least 2029, which will give developers who have not yet switched to new technologies a whole eight years to modernize legacy applications.

– According to Microsoft, the IE app will be phased out to Microsoft Edge in the coming months after the June 15 end of support date, and will eventually be permanently disabled on all versions of Windows. It’s also noted that you shouldn’t completely uninstall IE yourself, as Edge’s IE mode requires IE 11 to work.

Recall that Internet Explorer, which for many users was the first window to the Internet, reached the peak of its popularity in 2003. Its decline began only after new browsers entered the market.

With Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, the competition for Microsoft was tough and the company lost. In 2014, she decided to release a new web browser that ran on its own engine and had a logo stylized as Internet Explorer.

But things with him were not going very well, and the company had to seriously finalize the project. In 2018, it became known about the intention to port Edge to the Chromium engine from Google. This is how the Edge as we know it today was born.


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