Largest pink diamond found in Angola

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(ORDO NEWS) — Miners in Angola have unearthed the largest pink diamond in 300 years. The stone belongs to rare and pure minerals and weighs 170 carats.

Pink diamond was named Lulo Rose – by analogy with the Lulo mine, in which it was found. The mine is located in the northeast of Angola, rich in diamonds. The find was reported by the Daily Mail.

The stone weighs 170 carats, but its true size will be known only after cutting and polishing. Alas, this process can sometimes reduce the diamond by half. But even then, the mineral will remain the first record holder among the “pink counterparts”.

“This diamond clearly demonstrates that Angola is an important player in the global diamond mining arena,” said Angolan Mineral Resources Minister Diamantino Azevedo. This is the 27th diamond over 100 carats found in the northeast of the country.

The pink mineral will be put up for international auction, and the price is likely to be staggering. Recall that the Pink Star diamond, weighing 59.6 carats, was sold at an auction in Hong Kong in 2017 for $71.2 million. And for now, it remains the most expensive diamond ever sold.

Largest pink diamond found in Angola 2
Lulo Rose

Other record holders are far behind. For example, the 15.8-carat pink Sakura mineral, set in a gold and patina ring, went under the hammer in May 2021 for $29.3 million. It was sold together with “Sweet Heart” – a ring with a heart-shaped stone and weighing 4.2 carats, the price of which was $6.6 million.

Largest pink diamond found in Angola 3
“Star of Africa” ​​before processing

But the largest and most expensive diamond in the world (non-pink) of the jewelry type in history remains the famous Cullinan, or the Star of Africa. Its mass before separation was a record 3106.75 carats (621.35 grams), and dimensions – 100 by 65 by 60 millimeters.

It was found in 1905 in South Africa. Today there are nine parts of the stone, the largest of which adorns the scepter of the English King Edward VII.

The largest non-jewelry type diamond was even larger – its weight was 3167.5 carats (633.5 grams). The mineral was found in Brazil in 1895 and then broken into small pieces for use in industrial diamond drill bits. It belonged to the type of opaque black porous carbonado diamonds.


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