Large animal unknown to science discovered in the Pacific Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists in 2018 noticed creatures in the area of ​​the Mexican islands of San Benito that made atypical sounds. Experts were unable to identify the “conversations” of the animals. They are only sure that they were not dolphins or sharks. Zoologists have suspected that they may be dealing with an unexplored species of mammals.

Experts have already collected genetic samples of creatures, but there are no final results of their study. Pictures and acoustic recordings confirm that during this time, large animals lived in the waters, which remained unnoticed.

According to preliminary data, scientists have discovered a new species of whales. They were previously heard off the coast of California and recently off the coast of Mexico. Until now, there have been no photographs. Scientists note that the creatures are most likely deep-sea. They spend most of their time thousands of meters below the waves.

The new species was classified as a beak whale. The family now includes 23 species, most of which have never been seen alive.


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