Lake water may change color due to global warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have stated that the consequences of global warming may affect not only oceans, seas, but also lakes.

In these reservoirs, the water can change its color from blue to brown or green. This will happen if the average air temperature rises by a few degrees in summer.

As the researchers said, one of the markers of the stability of lake systems is the color of the water. Blue water has very little algae, sediment and organic matter.

If the water is brown or green, it means that it is full of life. After scientists studied 85 thousand lakes around the world, they came to the following conclusions:

  • Over the past 7 years, warming has left its mark on these reservoirs
  • Even a slight increase in air temperature can affect the color of water in lakes
  • If the temperature rises by + 3 degrees, 3800 lakes will change their color forever

The blue color of the lakes today is observed in places where the air temperature in summer is below +19 C. If it is hotter, the water loses its beautiful blue color.

Warm water is a favorable environment for the growth of algae, and the more there is in the reservoir, the browner or greener it is.

It is expected that such changes will occur by the year 2100. Environmentalists continue to sound the alarm and draw humanity’s attention to global warming .

It will be a disaster for humanity. The water in the lakes is fresh and is a source of drinking water. After the color change, its composition will change and millions of people will be left without a vital resource.

Ecosystems will also die in such lakes, and some species of fish will disappear. Therefore, it is very important to protect the planet.


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