Lack of this vitamin is life threatening

(ORDO NEWS) — If vitamin B12 is not supplied to the body, serious and irreversible damage to the nervous system and brain can occur. With its lack, symptoms such as forgetfulness, palpitations, impaired attention, weakness, fatigue are possible. So what causes a B12 deficiency? What foods contain B12? Below are the details..

Kamuran Kaya, an internal medicine specialist, notes that vitamin B12 protects nerve tissue and maintains brain function, while at the same time ensuring the production of red blood cells. The human body cannot produce B12 on its own, and this vitamin enters the body from outside, the expert emphasizes. The need for B12 is usually met through animal products, especially in meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products, Kaya says.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

Drawing attention to the fact that vitamin B12 strengthens the immune system, Kamuran Kaya notes: “Vitamin B12, one of the main building blocks of our health, strengthens the immune system, protecting the body from all kinds of harmful viruses and bacteria that can enter from the outside. It ensures the correct , the rapid and orderly functioning of the nervous system, is responsible for the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.Vitamin B12, which ensures the production, repair and longer life of cells, at the same time increases the number of blood cells and prevents anemia (anemia).Along with this, the presence in the body Enough vitamin B12 is an important factor in strengthening memory and aiding in learning.”

What foods contain B12?

The expert emphasizes that vitamin B12 is not produced by the human body, and continues: “B12 enters our bodies with the foods we eat. When this vitamin is deficient in the body, there are malabsorption, malnutrition, malnutrition, and digestive problems. Therefore, everyone a person is advised to consume foods that contain B12. The richest sources of this vitamin include offal, in particular, the liver, spleen and kidneys, trout, fortified cereals (for vegetarians), tuna, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs.

How to determine a vitamin deficiency?

Symptoms can also come on gradually and get worse over time. These include forgetfulness, palpitations, weakness, mood disorders, impaired attention, concentration problems, chills, weakness, fatigue, numbness of the limbs (arms, hands and feet), swelling of the tongue, mouth ulcers (aphthae), dry skin , hair loss, weight loss. If left untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to serious neurological and blood disorders.”

How to eliminate the lack of B12?

Kaya says that there are two main treatments for B12 deficiency, namely injections or pills. The expert continues: “However, it is important for proper treatment to study the causes of B12 deficiency in each individual patient. For example, certain chronic diseases can lead to its deficiency. For this reason, it is extremely important to draw up an individual treatment plan.

The necessary dose should be determined by the doctor in accordance with blood levels of vitamin B12. This amount can be easily replenished externally by injection or pill. If the B12 deficiency is due to absorption problems, a different treatment plan should be used, as this is due to deficiency caused by dysfunction of the digestive organs, such as the stomach , small intestine One more thing,


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