La Palma records 300 earthquakes in one day

(ORDO NEWS) — La Palma has recorded 300 earthquakes in one day. This is a record since the beginning of the eruption in September.

On Wednesday, November 17, a staggering 300 earthquakes were recorded on the volcanic island of La Palma. In the previous two weeks, the number of earthquakes fell below 200 each day.

Experts from various scientific organizations are closely monitoring the situation. Experts need to understand whether the increase in the number of earthquakes is a one-off burst or the activity of the volcano is changing.

The largest number of earthquakes recorded earlier after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma occurred on October 24.

The National Geological Institute (IGN) has published data according to which 271 earthquakes occurred on the island on October 24. This is slightly behind the 300 that were recorded on Wednesday.

Recently, the number of earthquakes shaking the island has decreased. For almost a week, the number of earthquakes each day dropped below 100.

Most of the earthquakes recorded on Wednesday had a magnitude of two to three. However, some earthquakes were between three and four magnitudes. The island was rocked by one magnitude 4 earthquake.


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