Kremlin goes on the attack on Ukraine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Dmitry Kozak makes a mysterious visit to Berlin to consult with officials who are responsible for the Ukrainian direction. Russia’s representative in the Trilateral Contact Group, Boris Gryzlov, accuses the Ukrainian negotiators of taking the “dangerous path of their predecessors” and calling them “servants of the war”

This is not a coincidence at all. This is preparation for a decisive attack on Ukraine and its leadership in anticipation of the economic and social crisis in the country.

Dmitry Kozak acts according to a scenario well-known to himself. On the one hand, he demonstrates constructiveness in negotiations with the Ukrainian side – and even his negotiating partners say that he is much more effective than his predecessor Vladislav Surkov. But, on the other hand, this constructiveness does not help precisely because the Ukrainian negotiators want to follow the path of their predecessors. And they do not want to communicate with representatives of puppet administrations. So – “servants of the war.”

We are well aware of the reason for this impasse. It is that Putin is not going to end the war and agree on anything with Zelensky. The fact that Putin does not need the Donbass, but all of Ukraine.

But Kozak has his own system of evidence. He will assure that the problem lies in the inefficiency of the Ukrainian state, in the dominance of the oligarchs, in the influence of “extremists”. This is probably exactly what he was talking about in Berlin.

No need to think that they will not listen to him. In Moldova, this evidence system worked. That is why Kozak managed to bring pro-Russian forces to power, led by President Igor Dodon, not just with consent, but with the participation of the United States and the European Union. Moreover, representatives of Western countries sincerely did not understand that democratic forces would be expelled from the coalition government in just a few weeks.

The final subordination of Moldova – by providing Dodon with a Russian loan, which suspiciously resembles a “Yanukovych loan” – has not yet taken place precisely because they have come to their senses in the West and in Chisinau on time. That Moldovan supporters of European integration, representatives of the oligarchic camp, and Western diplomats do not want to allow this submission. But who said that Ukraine is so lucky?

What Kozak and Gryzlov are doing now is obvious – they demonstrate the non-constructiveness of the Ukrainian side. What for? And then, to prove: ending the war and achieving stability in the country is possible only by establishing a joint protectorate of the Kremlin and the West over Ukraine.

The Zelensky-Medvedchuk conditional coalition, which will “neutralize” both the most zealous oligarchs and the “nationalists.” And it will restore territorial integrity and peace.

The Kremlin may think that such a coalition may turn out to be a much cheaper solution than a big war, for which there is simply no money today. But for Ukraine, the union of populists and pro-Russian forces will mean total destabilization and civil war. Which is also in the hands of Putin.

However, Western politicians have already learned the bitter experience of Moldova and may not peck at Kozak’s old bait. But he will try very hard to catch fish in both Berlin and Paris and – most importantly – in Washington ponds.


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