Korolev Crater will become the basis for the colonization of Mars in the future

(ORDO NEWS) — In the photo presented recently by the European Space Agency ESA, now you can practically see in detail the famous ice Martian canyon named after Korolyov. Scientists are sure that it will become the most important source of water for future colonizers of the Red Planet.

The European Space Agency has unveiled a previously unknown view of the icy Martian Canyon, known as the Korolev Crater. Korolev crater is understood among scientists as a likely future source of water for human colonists. The exciting video of the flyover is actually painstakingly recreated based on a combined scan of the planet’s surface.

Topographic data was obtained using a high-resolution stereo camera mounted on board the Mars Express probe. The data obtained allowed us to create a three-dimensional visualization of the landscape in this area.

The ESA Mars Express mission was launched in 2003. Six months later, the probe reached the orbit of Mars and since then has been constantly sending images of the planet to Earth.

The crater itself was named after the main Soviet rocket engineer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the ancestor of Soviet and Russian rocket science. The diameter of the crater is 82 kilometers, and it is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

The crater is filled with ice all year round, since its bottom is at a depth of more than one kilometer below the edge, which makes it a natural trap that protects the ice from any element. Korolev Crater is considered one of the largest reservoirs of non-polar ice on Mars.

Scientists from the University of Bordeaux in France recently found that the number of people needed to colonize Mars is 110.

Mars is incredibly interested in the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk. Mask recently successfully sent two astronauts to the International Space Station. The goal has been achieved and now the eyes of the entrepreneur are turned to Mars.

In a letter to SpaceX employees in June, the lead entrepreneur said that the Starship rocket’s top priority is the Starship. A spaceship has already been created – a prototype of a spaceship whose main purpose is to send up to 100 people to Mars at a time:

“We must accelerate the progress of the creation of the Star Ship dramatically and immediately. Please take into account the priority of SpaceX (besides anything that may reduce the risk of the Dragon returning) – this is Starship.”


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