Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the main tenets of the ancient astronaut theory is that ancient beings could manipulate the DNA of humans and other life forms.

Numerous ancient drawings depict the double helix of DNA, leading theorists to speculate: What if extraterrestrial beings gave humans an evolutionary impetus? Perhaps they even created hybrids with their own DNA?

Another idea is that ancient cultures knew about the Third Eye located in the pituitary gland of the brain. The pinecone-shaped symbols of this gland are associated with strange creatures that seem to be making some kind of change in the Tree of Life. Some believe that the tree symbolizes DNA and human vertebrae.

There are more unanswered questions. How are the third eye and DNA related? Did these ancient beings have advanced knowledge of how to change the structure of DNA with the help of higher consciousness?

Frankly, this really sounds absurd. Today, however, some scientists seem to be coming to similar conclusions.

Before we look at these relatively new findings, consider that very little is known for certain about the vast majority of DNA. Only recently, in 2018, a completely new, bizarre, tangled form of DNA was discovered – a four-strand knot of the genetic code, called the i-motif.

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 2

Dark DNA?

Around the same time, scientists published the results of DNA studies of “dark matter” – mysterious sequences that are almost the same in all vertebrate animals, from humans, mice to chickens. It is believed that “dark DNA” is vital to life, but we do not yet know how. We don’t really know what 98% of our DNA is doing, but we find out it’s not “junk” after all.

At the same time, some studies show that intracellular, environmental and energetic influences can change DNA. Epigenetics is the study of how factors other than our genetic code change who and what we are.

Some researchers suggest that we can change our DNA through intentions, thoughts, and emotions. Maintaining positive thoughts and coping effectively with stress can help maintain emotional well-being as well as preserve our DNA.

On the other hand, a UK study of 11,500 women at high risk for depression found that mitochondrial DNA and telomere length were altered.

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 3

“The most notable finding was that women who suffered from stress-related depression – depression that is associated with some adverse childhood event, such as sexual abuse – had more mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) than their peers.

Mitochondria are the “energy organelles” that provide energy to the rest of the cell, and the increase in mitochondrial DNA led the researchers to suggest that the energy requirements of cells changed in response to stress.”

These changes in DNA structure seem to accelerate the aging process.

“After analyzing their results, the researchers also found that women with stress-induced depression had shorter telomeres than healthy women. Telomeres are the caps at the end of chromosomes that naturally shorten as we age, and the research team began to wonder if Hasn’t this process been sped up by stress?

Other results show that meditation and yoga may help preserve telomeres.

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 4

Going even further, some researchers believe that our DNA is ultimately connected to our higher spiritual selves. At this point, we begin to match the thinking of the ancients, as the theorists of the ancient astronauts claim.

If this sounds unusual to you, then it’s best not to continue, because it will get even weirder.

Ghost DNA?

In 1995, Russian quantum biologist Vladimir Poponin conducted a startling study called the DNA Phantom Effect.

As Medium reports:

“In a paper that appeared in the US in 1995, they described a series of experiments suggesting that human DNA directly influences the physical world through what they believe is a new energy field connecting them.”

The study showed that photons of light were arranged differently in the presence of living DNA material.

“DNA clearly had a direct effect on the photons, as if shaping them into regular patterns by an invisible force. This is important, since there is absolutely nothing in traditional physics that could allow such an effect.

And yet in this controlled environment, DNA is a substance, of which we are composed – a direct impact on the quantum material that makes up our world has been seen and documented!

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 5

In another experiment, conducted in 1993, the Army tested how DNA samples would respond to the emotions of human donors.

The DNA was monitored while the donors watched videos in another room. A person’s feelings affected DNA, no matter how far away they were from the DNA sample. It appears to be a case of quantum entanglement.

“When a donor experienced emotional peaks and valleys, their cells and DNA exhibited a powerful electrical response at the same time. Although hundreds of feet separated the donor and the samples, the DNA behaved as if it were still was physically connected to his body.The question arises: “Why?”

Even when the subject was 350 miles away, his DNA sample reacted simultaneously. An unknown field of energy bound them.

When the donor experienced emotional distress, the DNA reacted as if it was still connected to the donor’s body in some way.” As Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, a colleague of Clive Baxter, eloquently puts it from this point of view: “There is no place where the body ends, and there is no place where it begins.

A third experiment, conducted in 1995 by HeartMath, also suggests that people can change the shape of DNA with their emotions. Researchers Glen Reine and Rollin McCraty found that depending on what the subjects thought, DNA changed.

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 6

“According to one of the researchers, “These experiments showed that different intentions have different effects on the DNA molecule, causing it to either wind up or unwind.” Clearly, the consequences go beyond anything hitherto allowed by conventional scientific theory.”

These experiments, carried out many years ago, suggest:

We can change the structure of our DNA with our thoughts.

We are connected to our DNA in some mysterious way.

Our DNA changes the vibrations of the photons of light around us.

These ideas no doubt sound strange to many people, but reality is often stranger than fiction. Similarly, scientists and skeptics have long dismissed ancient theorists’ questions about astronauts as absurd.

According to Scientific American:

“The theory of ancient aliens is based on a logical fallacy called the argumentum ad ignorantiam, or “argument from ignorance.”

The illogical reasoning looks like this: if there is no satisfactory earthly explanation for, say, the Nazca lines in Peru, the statues of Easter Island or the Egyptian pyramids, then the theory that that they were built by aliens from outer space must be true.”

Knowledge on how to change DNA has come down to us from ancient sources 7

The truth is that we have no satisfactory explanation for how human beings evolved to our present form. We all continue to search for answers, but the truth may be more unexpected than any of us may believe.

We will never know it unless we look at things with an open mind, and perhaps this is the key to unraveling the answers hidden deep in the ancient code called DNA.

It seems that our thoughts have a profound effect on our bodies and the world around us.


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