Kissinger is still pushing the myth of a beautiful new world order

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — One of the first works that brought academic fame to Henry Kissinger was the book “The Restored World” – his creation of the 1950s. The book tells how the greatest diplomats of Europe met at the Vienna Congress after the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. The result of their meeting was the restoration of the European continent, at that time until the foundation of Napoleon Bonaparte, shocked by the wars.

The world achieved by these wise men continued without a major war for a century – from 1815 to 1914. A significant break-shock was only the Prussian-French war of 1870-1871.

And now, many years after that book, Kissinger declares in the Wall Street Journal on Friday that world leaders must, without interrupting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, begin the “transition to peace after the coronavirus.”

“Failure can lead to a global fire,” Kissinger warns.

Nevertheless, the ingredients that Kissinder considers necessary for preparing a dish called the “New World Order” are today these ingredients are no less in short supply than mechanical ventilation devices.

“Maintaining public confidence is critical to international peace and stability,” Kissinger says.

But how can we trust our rival China after this state has criminally hidden for a long time from the public the real danger and power of the virus that came into the light of God in Wuhan?

How can we again trust the regime, which until recently dared to accuse US Army soldiers who visited Wuhan of coronavirus?

And in general, looking at the governments that are perplexed by the crisis, you do not get the impression that in your head is at least somehow connected with the expression “public trust”. Rather, a combination of the words “every nation for itself” pops up in my head.

Meanwhile, on Monday, shortly after the release of Kissinger’s article, the same Wall Street Journal described Europe’s recent behavior in times of crisis:

EU countries unilaterally closed borders and clutched each of their vital medical equipment, leaving people abandoned in their own apartments. Leaving the stores alone with empty shelves that need to be filled with something. And also leaving hospitals with critical patients at the same time. ”

Further, the Wall Street Journal continues: “When Italy and Spain, losing a lot of people due to the most terrible pandemic attacks in the world, rushed to beg their richer and healthier northern neighbors for help, Dutch politicians simply rejected all the requests of the southerners, seeing in they are just another manifestation of the southerners’ inability to control themselves. ”

Last week, the EU Justice Court issued a verdict that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic violated EU laws when they turned out to host refugees during the migration crisis in 2015. All three nations, however, did not apologize for their behavior.

A month earlier, Greece used the armed forces to stop the Syrian refugees, preventing them from entering Greek territory. According to Human Rights Watch, Greek troops and simply armed people on the Turkish-Greek border carried out sexually-painted assaults, robberies, and violent undressing against migrants. The goal was to drive these migrants back to Turkey. And the EU, on the whole, remained silent.

When Donald Trump issued a decree of January 31, which forbade further travel to those people who had recently visited China, he was criticized. The criticism came from Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, who scolded Trump for “hysterical xenophobia and fanning fears.”

And now Biden believes that Trump did everything right.

So even those people who have been liberals all their lives, in the end, can put aside their ideology, if the voice of the people is loud enough and sounds clearly.

We, it turns out, must “fight to heal the wounds of the global economy,” Kissinger says.

It would be nice, but only the crisis revealed that the most important characteristic feature of this very global economy is that China controls the release of drugs, including drugs that Americans need to stay alive. Do we want to continue this addiction?

Kissinger also said: “The democracies of the planet must protect and uphold the values ​​of the Enlightenment … and protect the principles of a liberal world order.”

But didn’t March 2020 confirm the wise correctness of President Alexander Hamilton: “Every nation should strive to find within itself the sources of all the goods it essentially needs.”

Today, borders are tightening everywhere as nations compete fiercely for possessing scarce model 95 masks and mechanical ventilation devices. Authoritarian leaders are seizing more power. The values ​​of the family, faith, tribe, nation, and country seem to be gaining the upper hand again.

“This prototype of any government is preserved in the memory of peoples: a city behind a wall … ready to protect its people from an external enemy … And this is what happened after the pandemic began – this anachronism suddenly came to life and moved. “The city was resurrected behind the wall at the very moment when prosperity became most dependent on global trade and the free movement of people.”

Here it is: Kissinger calls the very concept of a sovereign state “a city outside the wall”, “anachronism”, “legend”.

But wait: is the very idea of ​​a nation-state, whose main duty is to protect the health, safety, and survival of the people who founded it, is this idea itself an anachronism, a “legend”?

Or maybe a real legend, or rather a fiction and a stupid myth, is, on the contrary, the image of a certain New World Order in which different countries trade and cheerfully visit each other as part of a worldwide federation?

In this coronavirus crisis, we can clearly see [the utopianism of this federation], before we had to catch its blurry outlines in the foggy glass of forecasts.

As always happens during wars, people in critical situations turn to “men of action”, and not to “men of the word”. People go to the governors and managers, and not to the legislators and congressional red-faced. Now we need leaders who can act, not speak: even within the country, different states fight with their elbows to get medical equipment for people in critical condition.

As for Donald Trump, the elites suddenly began to scold him not for what he used to, but for the fact that he does not act dictatorially enough.

Trump, they swear, did not apply quickly enough to the Defense Production Act. He did not use his authority to dictate to US companies what they should produce. He did not close the border in time and did not stop moving inside the country. He did not send formidable instructions to the governors, who hesitated to close their states.

And now – the people are dying out, these people say, because Trump did not become in that blink of an eye the terrible autocrat whom our “progressives” scolded during impeachment hearings just two months ago.


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