Kissinger and Coronavirus conspiracy theories

Chipping people, forcing vaccination, overstating mortality statistics from covid-19 - all this is alarming for those who tend to believe in different conspiracy theories. The author, trying to be guided by logic, tries to figure out where the truth is and where is the fiction. However, fear seems to prevail over common sense.

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Today, when we are on the verge of a new unknown world, it is extremely important to study one of the phenomena of modern reality and perceive it as it really is. Then, guided by logic and common sense, draw the appropriate conclusions about what the new world will be like after the coronavirus pandemic, and accept all the consequences as they may be, even if they seem strange, disturbing and frightening!

In this article, I will not touch on the impact of coronavirus on the economy, finance, or business, but I will dwell on the new world administration, which is headed by a handful of people striving to manage the entire population of the planet.

Let me begin our conversation with the fact that for a long time the world community was concerned about the issue of overpopulation of the planet and lack of food resources, in particular, it sought to determine the optimal number of the world population to solve the food problem. Since ancient times, this topic has been of interest to thinkers, economists, public and private institutions.

In this regard, we want to refer to the conference, which took place in the early 1930s of the last century in the Mexican city of Cocoyoc. Note that it was attended by people interested in solving the food problem that arose due to overpopulation of the planet.

At the aforementioned conference, stakeholders presented data on population growth over the past few years and data on the required food resources for the same period, and then used the method of static equations to conduct the necessary research. Based on the results of these studies, it was concluded that it is necessary to limit the growth of the world population, since otherwise hunger and cancer will inevitably lead to the death of all mankind. In addition, we want to pay attention to another meeting,

During numerous international conferences, attention was still paid to the problem of the size and well-being of the world population. Of particular note is the conference in Indonesia in 1992, at which a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region discussed the relationship between the level of development of states and changes in population. As a result of the conference, a new strategic goal was set – to limit the number of children (no more than 2.2 children) born by one woman during her life. This project should last until 2010.

So, we can conclude that the imbalance between the population and available world resources is a long-standing and unchanging problem for humanity. Moreover, world wars and epidemics are seen as a blessing inasmuch as they eliminate the imbalance between a large population and a shortage of available resources.

And now we are moving on to another issue, which has nothing to do with the growth of the world population, namely, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Recall that it happened on December 25, 1991, when 11 union republics announced their secession from the USSR. The United States celebrated the victory over the Soviet Union, and Henry Kissinger, who was then the US Secretary of State, announced that Islam is the new enemy of the United States and the world.

Just recently, Henry Kissinger gave a scandalous interview in which he stated that the Third World War was already on the verge, and the first blow would be inflicted on Iran. Moreover, in his opinion, Israel should kill as many Arabs as possible and occupy half of the Middle East region.

All of the above is a modern reality without any embellishment. This is how we see, hear and feel it. And now let’s turn to a new world closer to our imagination. It is likely that after we learn more about him, we will be able to achieve the reality that some stakeholders are striving for in every possible way.

During the coronavirus pandemic, various rumors and conspiracy theological theories appeared, including the following:

– There is a project of “human chipping” in which Henry Kissinger and computer tycoon Bill Gates take part. According to this project, all people will be implanted under the skin with special electronic chips the size of rice grains. With the help of such a chip, any person can be turned into a “computer”, which will be managed by a global central group. In addition, there are rumors that a coronavirus infection pandemic will become a pretext for global vaccination of people, in other words, chip-coding.

– The chip will store all the necessary information about a particular person: financial status, social status, religion, ethnic and racial affiliation, and the like.

– The United States will focus on ensuring that no one in the world escapes the introduction of an electronic chip. They will use all kinds of means of pressure on people to agree to implant an electronic chip under their skin.

– The central group will be able to control all financial transactions and social contacts of the world population through electronic chips that will be implanted under the skin. They will be able to control life expectancy, as well as force people to follow orders given by electromagnetic waves. Incidentally, such orders will have to be carried out regardless of desire. In addition, the central group will be able to transfer any amounts from bank accounts without agreement with their owners.

– Dr. Judy A. Mikovits said the planned global vaccination is a toxic vaccination. It will harm people and also destroy the brain of children.

– The United States intentionally overstates the mortality rate from coronavirus. Moreover, they force health authorities to overestimate the mortality rate from coronavirus infection!

– On April 20, 2020, the United Kingdom passed a bill amending the Public Health Act No. 1984. Under the new amendments, the state has received the authority to force citizens to vaccinate against any disease, regardless of their consent, and refusal to vaccinate will be followed by arrest even without a court order or any other authorized authority.

Thus, in order to more fully realize the magical combination of reality and fiction, we will give some more information.

Firstly, Henry Kissinger is a connecting element between the real world and the fantasy world, where he and Bill Gates are working to establish control over the whole of humanity in the future through electronic chips.

Secondly, Henry Kissinger is part of a group that, thanks to the experience and technical advancement of Bill Gates, will be able to control and manage microchip people as they like.

For clarity, it’s worth adding that a declaration recently appeared in the United States that gave the green light to the Israeli dream of ending the Middle East conflict. It says that there will be one Israeli state that will govern all the Arab countries, without exception. Thus, if the central government wants to implement this project, it will easily do it with the help of electronic chips. Recall that to achieve this goal, neither soldiers, nor planes, nor bombs will be needed.

We have before us a new definition of power and complete control over all the peoples of the world. Of course, important questions still remain, to which we must find answers. Such questions, for example, include: how will the world powers and their representatives be able to deal with the immense danger that threatens their existence? Is it possible to destroy it before it is too late? How can we confront the new colonialism that leads us to the unknown? Do we have the strength, desire, wisdom and courage to do this? What can we do to be prepared to withstand the uncertainties and changes that we are currently facing? How can we stay in a merciless hurricane that threatens us with death from all sides? Can international institutions be allowed to legitimize the link between technological progress and human freedom?

By the way, there has been a positive trend in this matter. In Switzerland, protests and demonstrations began against everything that was stated in this article. People refuse to become experimental animals designed to serve a group of criminals!


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