‘King Solomon was actually a pharaoh in Egypt’ : Historian claims his life story was rewritten by priests

(ORDO NEWS) — “This is not a discovery that Israeli archaeologists would be happy to hear for political and cultural reasons, but contrary to classical interpretations of the biblical story.

King Solomon was actually a pharaoh in Egypt,” claims the historian, who has researched King Solomon’s life story for the past twenty years. years and came to this startling conclusion.

Ralph Ellis, 54, claims he has the solution to a 3,000-year-old puzzle he came up with after no one could find King Solomon’s treasure – 500 tons of gold, now valued at $3 trillion – in his legendary mines.

Treasure hunters continue to search the mines of King Solomon in hopes of finding the king’s treasure, but Ellis is confident that those who are still trying their luck will be severely disappointed.

According to him, Solomon was not the king of Israel at all, but an Egyptian pharaoh named Sheshonk the First, who ruled Egypt and Israel at the end of the 10th century BC (most scholars identify him with the Egyptian king Shishak (… Shishak, king of Egypt, rose against of Jerusalem, and took the treasures of the house of the Lord) mentioned in the Bible

He compared the search for royal treasures with such historical legend as “bathing in the fountain of youth”, and said that the story of King Solomon, as we know it, is probably “wrong interpretation” of history.

“Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt”

In his book “Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt” he talks about neighboring kingdoms that plundered the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and gave wealth to Solomon as a gesture,to prevent his invasion.

“According to the Bible, King Solomon was incredibly wealthy. Generations of theologians and archaeologists have scoured the Holy Land in search of its capital, palace, temple and possessions – without success.

In the end, we have to either come to terms with the fact that the Torah is completely fictional, or understand that We were looking in the wrong place and the wrong place.”

If his theory is correct, then Solomon’s treasures are easy to find in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where dozens of items from that period can be found.

“It appears from my research that there is a factual basis for the story of Solomon and his wealth, but it was hidden and rewritten by later biblical writers because the stories of the pharaohs were then considered difficult to understand and not relevant to the biblical story.

They changed the story to create purely Israeli heroes,” Ellis said.

According to the Bible, Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem and was considered incredibly wise.


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