Kim Jong-un has a double: in the last photo, the North Korean leader has a number of differences

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Conspiracy theorists believe North Korea’s leader has a double. On the latest materials of May 2, at which Kim Jong-un cuts the ribbon in honor of the opening of a new fertilizer plant, users noticed a number of oddities and differences.

In the video on May 2, the whole world saw Kim Jong-un alive and healthy, though he had some differences. So, users noted slightly different facial features, hair and teeth.

Kim Jong un has a double

According to the International Business Times, it has long been known that the North Korean leader has resorted to the use of doubles. In a video published by Sun in 2017, you can see the chapter talking to one of his “copies”.

The first to speak about the differences was human rights activist Jennifer Zeng, later the others picked up her theory. A double cutter issued a double, some users noted. If the photo is really a double, then the question arises, where is Kim Jong-un himself. If he is dead, people must know the truth.


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