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Killer whale dies of starvation in French river Seine

Killer whale dies of starvation in French river Seine

(ORDO NEWS) — The reasons for the death of a killer whale in the French river Seine have been established, the marine predator died of starvation, the prefecture of the Seine-Maritime department reports, citing experts who performed the autopsy.

The killer whale appeared at the mouth of the Seine on May 16 and continued to rise upstream. It was decided to euthanize the animal, as the operation to return to the English Channel failed. But on May 30, for reasons unknown at the time, the killer whale died on her own, RIA Novosti reports.

In the conclusion of the experts, it is said that we are talking about an immature female specimen 4.26 meters long and weighing 1.1 tons.

The orca’s stomach was empty, except for the remnants of seal claws and vibrissae, which led to the conclusion that the animal had been without food for a long time.

A bullet was found in the tissues at the base of the killer whale’s skull, which was not directly related to the death of the animal. According to prosecutors, the killer whale died from general exhaustion caused by a lack of food.


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