Key cause of aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists at the University of Bern in Switzerland found that visceral fat, located in the abdominal cavity, contributes to mild chronic inflammation, which, in turn, accelerates the development of age-related diseases and weakened immunity.

An article reporting the discovery of one of the key causes of aging has been published in the journal Nature Metabolism.

The key role in the pathological process is played by specific immune cells – eosinophil leukocytes. Although they are usually present in the circulatory system, experts have found them in visceral adipose tissue in humans and mice.

These cells are known to provide protection against multicellular parasites and contribute to the development of allergic diseases of the respiratory organs, such as asthma. In the abdominal cavity, they support local immune homeostasis.

With age, the number of eosinophils decreases, and the number of pro-inflammatory macrophages increases. Due to the imbalance, abdominal fat becomes a source of compounds that contribute to inflammation.

Mouse experiments showed that transplanting eosinophils from young animals to old recipients reduced not only local, but also systemic inflammation of a weak degree. This approach has had a rejuvenating effect on an aging body. As a result, older animals have shown significant improvement in physical fitness and immune system.


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