Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn line up on April 20, 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — The planets Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will line up this month. Even the moon will join them.

While Mars and Venus are already in a cosmic dance in the sky above us, Saturn and Jupiter will join them in April to form a rare quartet. Jupiter will line up with Mars and Venus in mid-April.

But that is not all. By the end of April, these three planets will be joined by Saturn, similar to that great conjunction of 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn aligned together and were visible to the naked eye.

According to astronomers, it looks very breathtaking in the morning sky.

The alignment does not mean that these planets will overlap or come very close to each other, they will still be separated by billions of kilometers in space. The alignment is the result of the Earth‘s current position relative to these planets.


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