Jupiter analogue found near the solar system

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — U.S. astronomers have announced that they discovered Jupiter’s twin in relatively close proximity to the solar system.

The young planet is located 414 light years (127 parsecs) from Earth, its age is 17 million years.

According to an article in The Astronomical Journal, the exoplanet revolves around the star HIP 67522.

It is known that the radius of the identified planet is about ten radii of the Earth, it makes one revolution around its luminary in seven days. The planet is a gas giant and is located extremely close to the parent star, such objects are called “hot jupiter.”

The probable mass of the planet HIP 67522 b is from 0.18 to five masses of Jupiter.

The star with the double of Jupiter is located in the stellar association of Scorpio-Centaurus.


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