Jumping Rope Strengthens Bones

(ORDO NEWS) — It turned out that jumping rope is not just fun for children, but an effective method of strengthening bones. Experts from the University of Barcelona and the Center for Excellence in Spain conducted an experiment through which they managed to identify this beneficial effect of jumping rope.

16 girls were invited to conduct the experiment. The volunteers were between 17 and 21 years old. All of them are professionally engaged in swimming. It is noted that swimming is undoubtedly good for the health of the body, but it does not strengthen bones. Volunteers were asked to jump rope twice a week for 22 weeks. They had to study for 20 minutes. During the experiment, experts assessed the quality and density of bone tissue using X-ray absorptiometry.

As a result, it turned out that the bones of the lower spine, femoral neck and legs have undergone significant strengthening. The amount of bone tissue increased, while the amount of adipose tissue decreased.

Experts say that moderate exercise, such as jumping rope, rebuilds bones and gradually strengthens them. This reduces the risk of fractures. It is also noted that often bone tissue diseases affect females.


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