Jump out of a plane without a parachute and survive, the fastest toilet in the world and 8 more records that blow your mind

(ORDO NEWS) — At what speed can you have an accident and stay safe, is it possible to hold your breath for two dozen minutes, how many times can a car hit the same pedestrian, and can a person fall faster than the speed of sound?

No, we are not crazy. We just decided to see what kind of madness people are capable of in order to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Jump from a record height without a parachute

If you’re afraid of skydiving, then meet Luke Aikins. No, he will not convince you to try this extreme entertainment, but will tell you about his record. He managed to jump from a decent height of 7,600 meters.

True, his wife did not have time to wash her favorite parachute that day, so he decided to jump without it. But seriously, Luke actually jumped out of the plane without special means to soften the fall, and the only device that did not allow him to turn into a cake was a hefty net measuring 30 by 30 meters.

She took the brunt of it. Luke successfully landed on it, and the Guinness Book of Records was replenished with another entry.

Jump from a record height with a parachute

Another thrill-seeker did not play with fate and jumped with a parachute. True, his height was not just a record, but prohibitive, as was the speed of the fall, but first things first.

So, parachutist Felix Baumgartner, on a special balloon filled with helium, rose into the stratosphere, namely 39 kilometers from the surface of the Earth, and jumped down from there.

During the descent, which lasted 4 minutes 19 seconds, he reached a speed of 1,342 km / h. What is remarkable – Felix set several records at once: the highest flight on a ball, the highest fall speed and the longest descent.

Maximum number of people in the car

First of all, it’s beautiful, you see. You can endlessly watch the process of ramming two dozen beauties into a two-seater city car.

Moreover, these beauties are not simple, but from the support team of one of the American colleges, that is, selected ones. The previous record is no less beautiful when the 16 New Zealand members of the Candy Lane dance group were also beautifully packed into the car.

The fastest toilet

“Paper will endure everything,” thought the jury of the Guinness Book of Records and registered the fastest toilet. Yes, Australian Jolene Van Vugt, sitting on the push attached to the map, fell through the Sydney Olympic Park at a speed of 75 km / h. Fine!

The main thing is that she does not forget to wash off after herself … In general, the Guinness Book of Records is bursting with all sorts of lovers to catch with the breeze on something like that. For example, it has the fastest bed, developing 111 km / h.

Moreover, the vehicle is officially registered, that is, with numbers and even technical inspection. How do you like the Honda lawn mower, which brings down at a speed of 189 km / h? Or a baby stroller with a top speed of 85 km/h?

Longest breath hold

How long can you hold your breath? Minute? Two? Well, five? And the German Tom Sitas entered his name in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to a phenomenal ability: he can remain without air for 22 minutes and 22 seconds.

Years of training and a special diet allowed him to increase his lung capacity by as much as 20%, so long-term oxygen starvation, according to Tom, does not affect his health in any way.

Accident speed record

History knows many unfortunate racers who crashed to smithereens during races. However, among them there is one lucky man, whose name was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. They became the Briton Donald Campbell.

In 1960, a guy smashed his Bluebird to pieces at a speed of 579 km / h and … survived! It is worth noting that no one has broken the record so far.

But the biggest joke is that during that very race, Campbell wanted to go down in history with a slightly different record, namely to develop the highest speed on Earth. But it turned out like in that joke – the concept has changed.

Most popular sports car

Jump out of a plane without a parachute and survive the fastest toilet in the world and 8 more records that blow your mind 2

Let’s go from the smallest to the most popular. Tricky question: what is the best-selling two-seater sports car? Of course Mazda MX-5. Moreover, in the Guinness Book of Records, more than one entry is dedicated to this cool roadster of all time.

The first record is dated May 2000, when the production volume of the Mazda MX-5 was 531,890 units. Mazda then produced the 700,000th sports car, followed by the 800,000th. In 2011, the record was once again updated: for the entire period of production of the roadster since 1989, 900,000 cars rolled off the assembly line.

Cool! But Mazda got the hang of it, and in 2013 assembled a record number of MX-5s in one place. Initially, it was planned to collect as many as 800 cars, but 683 cars were enough to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The man who was hit by a car eight times

We do not know what and to whom the German stuntman Dietmar Loeffler tried to prove. But the fact remains: this guy entered the Guinness Book of Records as a man who was hit by the same car eight times in two minutes. The curtain. In general, there is nothing to say here – an epic eccentric.

The largest number of broken auto glass

Breaking wooden planks with your foot, and bricks with your head is trite. Whether it’s Kevin Taylor from the States.

This brave guy dropped as many as 20 car windows with his own fist in just a couple of minutes. Interestingly, after fixing the record of the jury of the Guinness Book of Records, for an hour he did not receive offers from gangs of radio players from New Jersey?

Oldest active gymnast

The sweet 95-year-old grandmother’s name is Johanna Kwaas, she is from Germany. Popularity came to her in 2012, when Johanna, who at that time was already 86 years old, posted a couple of videos with recordings of her gymnastics classes on YouTube.

These videos became instant hits with 3.2 and 3.4 million views. Soon, her popularity grew so much that they began to write about her in the media, and not only in Germany, but also abroad. As a result, on September 13, 2012, Johanna entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest gymnast in the world.


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