Journalists spoke about devices that challenge the laws of physics

(ORDO NEWS) — In cinematography, magic devices or things are often shown that allow objects to be levitated. Many are fascinated by such things, but in real life it is rather difficult to experience such things. A Qatari magazine has listed several technical devices that create the effect of levitation.

Most of them work on the same principle. Levitation is based on a strong magnetic field and different charged fields of levitating objects.

For example, there is a levitating globe with a stand on the market. The effect of a floating globe is created, which is illuminated by three LEDs. They can be customized to suit your taste.

If you want to make any light object float, then you should purchase a special KINGLEV magnetic stand. The developers claim that the stand is capable of holding objects weighing no more than 350 grams in the air. The device can be a great gift for people working in an office.

An unusual lamp with a similar operating principle is presented on the market. Includes stand and lamp holder. When turned on, the bulb holder levitates and shines. As soon as the magnetic connection is broken, the lamp will go out immediately. Another levitating source is the Moon, which glows and hovers under the influence of magnetic forces.

The most unusual product on this list is an anti-gravity watch that creates the effect of a reverse flow of water, namely upward.


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