Journalist and geophysicist are sure that there are dinosaur bones on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2017, the book “The ends of the world” was published by journalist Peter Brannen, who specializes in paleontology, geology and other related sciences. There is a part in the book that describes the possibility of dinosaur remains entering the Earth’s orbit, and then settling on the Moon.

Geophysicist Mario Rebolledo fully agreed with the author’s thoughts. So, when a huge asteroid the size of Everest fell to Earth, a hole in the cosmic vacuum appeared over it instead of air. Through it, objects from the ground fell into orbit. It happened a few seconds after the collision. All living things burned down at once, and their pieces rose up.

The Chikshulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula began to form due to atmospheric pressure even before the asteroid fell. According to an excerpt from the book, as soon as the cosmic body landed, the blast wave carried particles of soil, stones and dinosaurs into space.

The theory of finding dinosaur remains on the moon, after analyzing a possible scenario, does not seem fantastic. As a result of the disaster, 75% of living organisms died out at that time. The ash provoked a “nuclear winter”, significantly lowering the temperature on the planet.


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