Joint observations of James Webb and Chandra reveal even more mysteries of the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA scientists have released images combining early data from the James Webb Space Telescope with X-ray data from the Chandra Observatory.

In addition to their beauty, the images give insight into the most complex astrophysical phenomena in the universe.

Different wavelengths of light reveal different kinds of information about the cosmos.

Each new telescope that we launch into space or open on Earth gives us the opportunity to observe processes that we otherwise would not be able to perceive.

For example, “James Webb” is sensitive to infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is emitted by warm objects and passes perfectly through gas clouds without scattering.

This allows astronomers to peer into the heart of dense dust clouds like those that surround forming stars.

The Chandra Observatory explores space in the X-ray range. X-rays are generated by phenomena such as supernovae and pulsars. X-rays tell us how high-energy processes work.

Researchers achieve better results when they combine different wavelengths. NASA scientists recently combined early James Webb images with observations of the same objects from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. X-rays tell us where high-energy processes are taking place, while infrared tells us where warm objects are hidden by dust clouds.

Scientists have not yet studied the images and published their research, but we can already admire the beautiful images published on the Chandra X-ray Observatory website and draw some conclusions.


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