Joe Biden’s bizarre photo has resonated on the internet

(ORDO NEWS) — A strange photo of the 46th President of America Joe Biden with his wife and Jimmy Carter caused heated discussions among users of social networks. Why are people so ambiguous about the photo and what is suspicious about it?

It is reported by the BBC.

The photo shows the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter with his wife Rozalin and Joe Biden with his wife Jill. Social media users noted the unnatural proportions of the people in the photo.

“The photo looks creepy and unnatural” – commentators are confident. Carter can’t be so tiny compared to the new head of the White House.

The BBC claims that the image came out like this because of the wide-angle camera. It was on such a device that the picture was taken. The peculiarity of wide-angle cameras is that they enlarge objects located at the outer edges of the scene and at the same time reduce the image that is in the center.

Neither the journalists nor the current government had any photoshop or desire to offend the 39th president. On the contrary, such a feature of the camera allows photographers to take unique pictures. Sometimes, as in this case, the situation turned into an unexpected reaction from the Americans.

This comment did not end there. People didn’t like the poses of the presidents in the picture. Many comments ironically ridiculed this disposition of government officials. Someone even suggested swapping the presidents.


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