JAXA reported failures in the operation of the Omotenashi lunar module

(ORDO NEWS) — JAXA reports communication failures with Omotenashi lunar lander.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reported communication failures with the Omotenashi spacecraft, which is the smallest lunar lander to date, and is taking steps to stabilize its position in space and power supply.

NASA Artemis 1 launch with JAXA Omotenashi and Equuleus cubesats on November 16 from the NASA Space Center in Florida.

Equuleus separated on November 16 and was confirmed to operate normally on the same day.

Omotenashi also separated on November 16, but by now the cubesat was unable to catch the sun on the batteries, communication failures are observed.

We are taking steps to stabilize its position in space, provide power and establish communication,” JAXA said in a press release.

The Orion spacecraft lifted off from Florida on an SLS super heavy booster on its test flight to orbit the moon earlier Wednesday.

Despite technical problems and repeated postponements of the launch date, the launch proceeded normally. The mission was named “Artemis-1”.

The ship must orbit the Moon and return to Earth.

It is planned that a manned flight to the Moon can take place in May 2024, and in 2025, as part of the Artemis-3 mission, the United States hopes to land a crew on the lunar surface.

The Omotenashi spacecraft weighing about 12 kilograms should, four to five days after separation, land the smallest lunar semi-rigid lander, which will observe the radiation situation on the surface of the moon.


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