Japanese scientists have discovered a protein that increases the strength of muscle contractions

(ORDO NEWS) — Myokine PDGF-B was found to be a factor that accelerates the maturation of muscle cells and increases the force of contractions in already mature tissue.

Japanese biologists have found a signaling molecule that is secreted by muscle cells, stimulates the division of progenitor cells and increases the performance of already mature muscles.

Apparently, this protein factor is actively involved in the growth and recovery of muscles. Muscle cells produce and secrete myokines , small proteins with a wide range of physiological effects.

They can inhibit or stimulate muscle tissue growth, activate glucose uptake, increase bone mineralization, and the like.

Professor Yasuko Manabe’s team investigated the effect of the little-studied myokine PDGF-B (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Subunit B, platelet-derived growth factor, subunit B).

Japanese scientists have discovered a protein that increases the strength of muscle contractions 2

Having isolated the protein, the scientists processed a culture of myoblasts, precursors of mature muscle cells, with it. It turned out that PDGF-B stimulates their growth and division.

He showed a similar effect in experiments with more “adult” muscular tubes . In the presence of PDGF-B, they matured faster and gained greater thickness.

They also made more of the myosin heavy chain protein, a key molecule that allows muscles to contract.

The stimulating effect of PDGF-B was also confirmed by direct measurements: muscle tubules treated with this myokine contracted more than untreated ones.

Thus, experiments have shown that this small protein is involved in the growth, development and repair of muscle tissue.

Perhaps in the future, this will allow the creation of new drugs for the treatment of muscle damage and atrophy, and even the long-awaited “pill”, the effects of which can replace physical activity and regular visits to the gym.


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