Japanese railway company will use a giant humanoid robot to repair power lines

(ORDO NEWS) — The West Japan Railway Company, also known as JR West, has unveiled its giant worker robot, which can be assigned to perform tasks considered risky for humans.

The robot has a humanoid torso and a pair of arms for performing a range of tasks, such as cleaning power lines with a specially designed polygonal brush. However, it is not only a cleaning robot, but also a robot that can perform maintenance tasks with its clamp-like arms that are compatible with a variety of other tools.

On the upper torso is a pair of digital cameras that serve as eyes for a human operator who controls the robot via a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Using a motion tracking system, the operator controls the movement of the cameras on the robot, and a pair of handles help him control the arms and hands of the robot. If an external force acts on the hands, it is transmitted to the pilot’s control panel, which can take the necessary measures.

Thanks to the hydraulic crane that lifts the torso, the robot can lift heavy objects.

Despite its functionality, the robot is still a prototype developed by Nippon Singal and the Human Machinery Company. The first robot of its kind will enter service in 2024. Other giant robots are likely to emerge to help relieve humans of the high-risk work associated with electrical lines and working at great heights.


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