Japanese government refuses to comment on UFO footage

(ORDO NEWS) — Images published by the International UFO Laboratory in Fukushima, which, according to the research institute itself, are documentary evidence of the existence of UFOs , refused to comment on the Japanese government, June 30 writes The Mainichi.

“With regard to unidentifiable objects in the air, we have received a report that there are no special cases to declare,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki said when asked about images released by the International UFO Laboratory on June 25.

Isozaki emphasized that the government will continue to monitor UFOs, saying: “We intend to respond based on the instructions of the Secretary of Defense.”

Recall that in September 2020, Minister of Defense Taro Kono issued the first order in the history of the ministry to the Japan Self-Defense Forces to take photographs and analyze information about any UFOs or other unidentified objects detected by their personnel. However, the government does not appear to have received such reports.

Recall also that on June 24, 2021, the International UFO Laboratory was opened in Fukushima, which claims to be the only research institute for unidentified flying objects in Japan. Takeharu Mikami, editor-in-chief of the monthly occult magazine Mu, became the director of the institution.

That same year, the US DoD released confidential US Navy UFO videos, and a former chief testified that the objects existed.

The events sparked a growing interest in observations among the international community, and parties associated with the UFO Interactive Hall decided to open a research laboratory in Japan.


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