Japan wants to dump millions of tons of radioactive water into the ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — In Tokyo, a statement was recently made that water will be released into the ocean, but everything is not so simple … This water was previously radioactive, but now the government assures that the water has passed all stages of purification and is considered completely safe.

But this process is not so fast, and it will take almost two years to prepare for the discharge. It is during this period that it is planned to remove all harmful substances from it.

Tokyo has its own arguments on this score. According to representatives, this water discharge is needed in order to decommission the plant, which was previously damaged by the tsunami.

Neighboring countries are very unhappy with this and even fearful. And in this case, Japan is notified that by the time of discharge, all the water will be sufficiently treated, and the tritium content in it will be brought back to normal.

First of all, representatives of China and South Korea expressed their concern.

The Korean representatives stated that they are categorically against the decision of the Japanese authorities. And now they are demanding from Japan that they take all measures for the complete safety of their citizens.

And China, in turn, asks not to take this action until all neighboring countries agree with such a decision. In addition, the International Atomic Energy Agency must also approve a decision to discharge water from Fukushima.


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