Japan plans to generate electricity from snow

(ORDO NEWS) — Wherever the fantasy of scientists and practitioners does not throw in search of alternative energy sources. The Japanese have proposed a new way to generate electricity… from snow.

Windmills have already shown their problem. Solar heat is not everywhere in abundance. In addition, while humanity thinks little about the problem of recycling solar panels. They occupy solid areas, and they have their own expiration date, like any technical object.

What then? How to destroy or reuse these silicon-based wafers? So far, the big question, so the “environmental friendliness” of the method is also doubtful.

The publication in the Nikkei Asia edition told about the idea of ​​Japanese scientists, which should become reality by the end of this year.

From December 2022 to spring 2023, the Land of the Rising Sun intends to test the technology for obtaining energy from snow.

Scientists at the Tokyo University of Telecommunications, with the participation of Forte, have created a turbine that, according to their idea, should generate electricity using the temperature difference between snow and air.

In this case, a convection current will be produced in the turbine, in the coolant. It, in turn, is converted by a rotating turbine into electricity.

It is believed that the efficiency of this method is approximately equal to the efficiency of solar panels.


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