Japan plans to dump radioactive water from Fukushima into the sea

(ORDO NEWS) — The destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant requires the elimination of all radioactive elements, substances and liquids. According to local media reports, the authorities are considering the possibility of releasing radioactive water that cooled the reactor into the sea.

For several years now, the question of where to eliminate the huge amount of radioactive water from Fukushima has been acute. The most likely option is to dump everything into the sea after deep cleaning, of course. Conservationists are categorically against such an undertaking, but scientists say that the damage to marine life will be minimal.

Recall that in 2011, a powerful earthquake happened in Japan, which destroyed a nuclear power plant. For a decade now, the authorities have been unable to finally deal with the consequences of the disaster, since in any case the environment will be harmed.

The final decision on where to dispose of millions of tons of water has not yet been made. The answer will be given early next year. The authorities note that the water undergoes special dilution, as a result of which it becomes 40 times less concentrated. The entire waste disposal process will take three decades.

At the NPP itself there is almost no place for storing water, so a decision must be made as soon as possible. The tanks will last at most until the end of 2022. A sophisticated filtration system allowed most of the dangerous isotopes to escape. Only one remained in the water – the isotope of tritium. He poses a danger to marine life. According to scientists, if you approach the issue correctly, no environmental disaster will happen.


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