Japan launches 14-kilogram home quantum computers

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of Japan can already purchase quantum computers from SpinQ Technology from Shenzhen, China.

To try out the technology of the future, you will have to leave the Gemini Mini version in the store.

This model weighs 14 kg, is useful for teaching the principles of programming on quantum systems, and also contains two qubits – while the software can simulate the work of 8 qubits.

According to PC Watch, Gemini Mini offers a touch screen and consumes up to 60 watts and will cost the owner 8.7 thousand dollars.

The more powerful Gemini model requires up to 100 W and has impressive dimensions – such a machine weighs 44 kg. Other differences between versions are not disclosed.

The firm is also offering a 330W Triangulum three qubit system, which is intended for “professional users”. The price of the latter is 58 thousand dollars.

Quantum computers are different from conventional systems that store information in binary code and take a bit as a unit of information storage – it takes only one of two values, and then, based on this, the computer performs many sequential operations.

Quantum bits – qubits – exist simultaneously in several states, which allows you to do calculations instantly, without going through many combinations.

The first two-qubit quantum computer was introduced in 1998, and in recent years, scientists have already been talking about the prospects for achieving quantum superiority – such computers are able to solve problems in a few minutes that would take thousands or even millions of years.

Well-known brands presented their models – at the end of 2021, IBM showed a processor based on superconducting qubits, called Eagle.


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