Japan is confident that US is involved in the earthquake of magnitude 7.1

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese social networks are quite seriously discussing the involvement of American developments in the last earthquake. Thus, the HAARP ionosphere research system allegedly negatively affected the lithosphere.

The US system, which investigates the ionospheric scattering of high frequency radio waves, is located in Alaska. According to the Japanese, this is a real climatic weapon that can cause disasters.

The Japanese were confused by the fact that HAARP is an object associated with the US military organizations. Does the recent earth shake have a lot to do with the launch of the system?

Users noted that the scenario of an artificial earthquake is available in the works of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Evidence has been found that HAARP, while manipulating the ionosphere, can influence natural phenomena, causing global catastrophes.

The United States plans to test the installation in other countries, said users of Japanese social networks.

The veracity of the statements is under a huge question, but the fact of mass discussions of the American object remains a fact. Note that the earthquake in Japan happened on February 13, it had a magnitude of 7.1. No major destruction was recorded.


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