Japan has created a screen that can synthesize tastes

(ORDO NEWS) — A professor at Meiji University in Tokyo has created a device that can synthesize flavors. Reported by Reuters.

University specialist Homei Miyashita presented the Taste the TV (TTTV) device, which is a smart TV screen with a device that can synthesize various food tastes. According to the scientist, the device will allow people to taste the tastes of various dishes from restaurants around the world at home.

Miyashita’s invention has 10 small canisters containing various food additives. Depending on the user’s requests, a special algorithm mixes the components to obtain the desired flavor. After that, the resulting composition in a liquid state flows down onto a special substrate, which you can taste with your tongue.

According to the specialist’s idea, people could select different types of food on the screen and then taste them. Khomei Miyashita said that this invention could be useful in a pandemic, when the possibility of visiting restaurants and flights between countries is limited. “The goal is to enable people to experience something like food in a restaurant on the other side of the world, even while staying at home,” said the professor.

About 30 students work under the guidance of Miyashita, with the help of whom he previously created a smart plug – the accessory supposedly makes the taste of food more intense. According to the scientist, the creation of a commercial prototype of Taste the TV will cost 100,000 yen, or about 64,000 rubles.

In September, scientists named life-shortening foods. Experts referred to them as UHT foods, processed red meat and semi-finished products, fried foods, foods with added sugar.


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