Janet Jackson’s music video may crash some computers

(ORDO NEWS) — Janet Jackson has created a music video that can disable laptops that play it, as well as nearby laptops.

So how did Jackson’s 1989 hit Rhythm Nation get this mystical power?

Microsoft Developer Raymond Chen’s blog posts a story from the life of Windows XP Support.

It turns out that when the above video clip is played on a laptop, it causes some laptop models in the vicinity to crash. Turns out it’s all about frequencies.

“It turns out the song contained one of the resonant frequencies used in 5400 rpm laptop hard drives that they and other manufacturers used,” Chen wrote.

“The manufacturer has addressed the issue by adding a custom filter to the player that detects and removes unwanted frequencies during audio playback.”

In a system with an applied periodic force, the specified force will have a certain frequency. If the frequency matches the natural frequency of the system, then your amplitude will increase.

The timing mechanism of modern watches is based on the same principle. When we push someone on a swing, we swing him, forcing him to rise higher and higher.


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