James Webb telescope prepares to search for Planet X in the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — The James Webb Space Telescope (NASA) is currently in the final stages of commissioning its scientific instruments.

As it travels through outer space, the telescope will look for distant stars and galaxies and identify them with extreme precision to produce images and spectra.

However, scientists also plan to observe the planets and their satellites, asteroids and comets in the solar system, which move against the backdrop of the stars of our galaxy.

According to the scientists, the telescope should be able to capture these objects and track them with sufficient accuracy to obtain images and spectra.

The James Webb telescope team recently completed the first test to track a moving object. The test confirmed that the telescope is capable of tracking them.

As progress towards commissioning progresses, planetary scientists will test other objects moving at different speeds to make sure the telescope will help scientists study objects that move throughout the solar system.

Solar System Observer Webb Interdisciplinary Scientist Heidi Hummel spoke about his plans for the solar system’s planets.

“The telescope can detect the faint light of the earliest galaxies, but my team will observe much closer to home. They will use James Webb to unravel some of the mysteries that abound in the solar system.”

Many scientists and other researchers who agree with the theory of the existence of a ninth planet (Planet X or Nibiru) in the solar system are likely to pay special attention to the results of the space telescope. It is quite possible that we will soon find out whether this theory is correct.


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