James Webb Space Telescope photographed Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — On July 12, NASA released long-awaited images from the James Webb Telescope showing distant galaxies, nebulae and regions of active star formation.

But, as it turned out, the latest space observatory has already managed to capture an object that is much closer to our planet – Jupiter.

Images of the fifth planet from the Sun are in a published NASA report on the technical status of the telescope and its first scientific results.

According to the document, the images were taken as part of testing and calibrating the space observatory’s scientific instruments.

“James Webb” received two portraits of Jupiter in the near infrared range. In the image you can see the characteristic stripes in the atmosphere of Jupiter and the famous Great Red Spot – a huge vortex the size of the Earth. The satellites – Europa, Thebe and Metis – also got into the pictures.


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