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James Webb showed the spiral arms of the Ghost Galaxy

James Webb showed the spiral arms of the Ghost Galaxy 1

(ORDO NEWS) — The European Space Agency has shared images of the distant galaxy Messier 74. People call it “ghostly” because of its sinister appearance. Astronomers compared recent images from the James Webb telescope and from the Hubble telescope.

The photo shows the impressive spiral arms of the galaxy. Messier 74 belongs to the class of spiral galaxies due to its distinct and clear “sleeves”. It lies about 32 million light-years from Earth and is located in the constellation Pisces.

Hubble has photographed this object in the past. By pointing the James Webb at the same region of the universe, scientists were able to gain a valuable new perspective.

Comparison of images from the James Webb and Hubble telescopes

In the James Webb photo, the spiral filaments of the galaxy are visible in great detail. The nuclear star cluster in its center is also easily visible.

The absence of gas obscuring this area allows for a more thorough study of new regions of the galaxy.

Details about the “photographer” of space depths

Launched into space on December 25, 2021, the newest James Webb Telescope is equipped with a host of scientific instruments to study space objects, including:

– Near-Infrared Camera (Near-Infrared Camera)

– Device for working in the middle range of infrared radiation (English Mid-Infrared Instrument, MIRI)

– Near-Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec)

– Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS), as well as an imaging device in the near infrared range and a slitless spectrograph (Near InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph, NIRISS).


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