James Cameron: artificial intelligence can destroy society

(ORDO NEWS) — American director James Cameron predicted the destruction of mankind with the help of artificial intelligence. It is reported by BBC News.

The creator of “Terminator” believes that it is not nuclear weapons that can destroy our society, but new technologies. According to the filmmaker, the use of deepfakes can lead to serious consequences.

“All Skynet [the artificial intelligence and the main antagonist of the Terminator franchise] has to do is create deepfakes with a group of people, turn them against each other and call them to fight, and then leave humanity with this giant problem,” — Cameron said.

Earlier, the author of a book on deepfakes, Nina Shik, predicted that several times more porn videos would appear on the Internet using this technology against innocent people.

Deepfakes can also turn into a tool for real political violence. Shik noted that deepfakes will become a real threat to humanity and will be used as a weapon for fraud and political propaganda.


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